The Evolution Of The Casino II

Following popular gambling’s initial rise to prominence in the small pockets of civilization dotted throughout the ancient world, it was only a matter of time before it found its feet elsewhere.

More or less appearing alongside the likes of common religion, culture and society; gambling spread east to west and shaped the early formations of the modern world. Now what does that tell you?!

The first known European gambling house sprouted up in Venice in 1638. Named the Ridotto, it was an establishment none too different from what we now know as a casino. Offering drinks, games, socialising and all round good times to each of its patrons, the cities officials closed the nightspot in 1770 amid accusations that it was ‘impoverishing the local gentry’.

Europe at this time was not only the centre of all of the world’s primary commerce, trade and culture but the location of the modern day’s conception and execution. In this vein, we must surely gauge just how much of an influence our fine pass-time may have actually had on the formation of our society, and more-so how it continues to function day-in, day-out.

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