Resorts World Sentosa – Singapore

The Orient is an area of the world most would over look when amassing their list of gambling havens. As a part of the world that has done remarkably well to keep to its own, especially in recent centuries/decades, some may be surprised to learn of the hugely popular reputation and monetary competitive gaming actually has in many parts of eastern Asia.

Acting to fuse flawlessly both new age interior design akin to most modern casinos/hotels along with those infinitely attractive traditional oriental features we all (kind of) know and love, the Resorts World Sentosa is one of the world’s most sought after casino and hotel complexes for a reason.


Standing in its idyllic yet somewhat imposing spot literally minutes from some of the surrounding areas’ (oh, it’s in Singapore- by the way) most popular and busy tourist attractions, such as Universal Studios and the Marine Life Park- the resort is as suited to groups of wild party animals as it is to families with young children. The proof of this observation lies within the sheer scale of the place.

Presenting the regions consistent influx of tourists with the ideal base for their antics and adventures throughout wider Singapore, the resort sits proudly on the delightful island of Sentosa, just off the southern tip of the country. And for those looking to continue their travels further afield throughout Asia- this hotel has equally incredible sister facilities in Pahang, Malaysia as well as Manila, Philippines.


A simply superb level of customer service combined with enough casino based activity to satisfy the most eager man or woman’s cravings and urges, Resorts World Sentosa really does have it all covered– with over 160,000 square feet of gaming space completely stocked up with all of the latest and most cutting edge games, not to mention a trusty array of gambling classics- all of which are laid out and ready to be discovered on the never-ending floor space of this most grandest of facilities.

While Singapore may seem like a considerable distance to travel for the sake of a few slot games, you should note that the region is in fact fast becoming one of the hottest gaming locations on earth. with a fervent desire to gain a worldwide reputation supplemented by some of the most beautiful/desirable sites and locations at which anyone could ever wish to have a few drinks and play a few cards.