As what may only realistically be described as Canada’s first and foremost online microgaming service, Maple Casino is an invaluable resource for many gamblers located throughout this vast nation and beyond.

A site which is fully licensed under internationally abiding law, not to mention stocked to the absolute brim with every single new game as it arrives, in both Flash and Viper formats nonetheless, as well as a few sneaky classics dotted about here and there- it’s unlikely that you’ll ever stumble across another place at all like on the internet, especially if the microgame format holds a particularly special place in that heart of yours.

Whether you are a gamer who is in it completely for the fun, for the ever-relevant and classically human allure of money or, as is the case with most of the people I know who are involved in one way or another in this wonderful business, for a well-balanced and healthy dosage of both at once – Maple Casino is an internet destination which is fully equipped to deal with your every need. With an excellent array of bonus fund initiatives as well as an extremely approachable staff, there’s a reason this resource is the favorite of millions worldwide.

Within those (utterly valuable) first few seconds of arriving at the domain, you are greeted with what may only be described as being a visually stimulating online casino homepage. Stocked with large and enticing graphics as well as all of the expected buttons and options (banking, live chat, safety, T&C’s), there is also a particularly interested progressive jackpot tracker, which ceaselessly documents the frankly ridiculous jackpot sums.

Endeavouring a little further into the flesh of the site, you will uncover a concise and highly useful array of supportive documents, blogs, articles and FAQ’s- the sure sign of a company who very seriously, and more-so one that values its users.

If you decide to take the plunge and download the casinos interface, after having meticulously rooted through all of the sites relevant material and made a level-headed assessment of its suitability first of course, you’ll uncover a gambling inventory to truly behold. All the big hitting classic games have a home here alongside the up and comers, and I’m pleased to report the general mood of the community is great- an easily deciphered interface coupled with a professional clientele ranging from beginners to pros.