Casino Royale Resort – Las Vegas

Casino Royale Resort – Las Vegas


There’s little doubt about it within the international gambling community- Las Vegas is the modern cultural home of the pursuit and all of its disciples.

Located in the very heart of this beguiling and extremely exciting city is its renowned strip. At the heart of the strip sits the grand Casino Royale Resortan all in one gambling destination which attracts hundreds of thousands of patrons from all over the world each and every year.


Ideal for a younger crowd (21-35), the Royale Resort tends to attract people in Vegas who (like many of the people of Vegas, to be completely fair) are there to party, to gamble, to make new friends and to have an incredibly good time. This being the case however, not a shred of luxury is sacrificed in terms of the resorts lodgings. Make no mistake – the Casino Royale Resort is a five star hotel and casino complex.

With excellent staff that are always ready to field any questions or inquiries and pristine, fully-inclusive premises, the experience offered by the Casino Royale Resort is among the best of its kind.

Despite being located within incriminatingly close approximation of some of Las Vegas’ largest and most famous gaming establishments (it nests neatly between Harrah’s The Venetian and the Mirage is just over the street!) the Casino Royale Resort certainly holds its own in light of this fact. Stocking just about every game (slots and tables) the heart of a Vegas visitor could possibly desire, just in a smaller and more proportionate quantity than the aforementioned major floors, you’re unlikely to be left wanting for much at all.

A good spread of wager limits across all games makes the casino as suitable for fickle beginners as it is for high-rolling and big spending professional gamblers. Even if you discover that you disagree, you’re not exactly far away from the big action at The Venetian or the Mirage now, are you?

The Casino Royale Resort offers guests its own identifiable and unique take on the Las Vegas experience, which I can assure you, is extremely rare in this day and age – a time of corporate chains, buy-outs and franchise-based business.

If you’re a normal person seeking a good time in one of the world’s most formidable cities, look no further.

Ritz Club Casino Resort – London

Fewer establishments on the face of our planet command more respect and authority than London’s historic Ritz.


Initially opened as a luxury hotel all the way back in 1906, marketing itself on the fact that each of its 133 bedrooms had its own en-suite bathroom, the Ritz continues to be one of the United Kingdom’s most valuable assets- drawing thousands of eager visitors from all over the world each year.

In 1978 came the Ritz Club, an establishment which has since gone on to become known as one of Europe’s most plush casino halls. Designed in the hotels spacious ballroom, the clubs interior is both grand and spectacular- nothing new then for an establishment in the very heart of London.

Adhering to the original French neoclassical style that was aimed for by the hotels designers back at the turn of the century, the Ritz Casino Club is certainly a sight to behold- though also unfortunately one likely to cost you a fair amount of money to see.

For those who can afford it, the Ritz provides some of the best hospitality anywhere on the planet! With the casino floor itself offering a limited though adequate (trust me) range of games, this is elite gaming for sure.

Currently visitors to the casino may partake in roulette, blackjack, baccarat and Caribbean poker– with wagers and limits tending to vary depending on the circumstances surrounding your particular visit.

This is an establishment which has noted visits from some of the world’s most elite figures, from European Royalty to Charlie Chaplin, Judy Garland and Winston Churchill– you can of course expect a trip to the resort to set you back a good sum of cash- that is of course unless you win big at the roulette table.

In exchange for your hard-earned money you can expect some of the (if not the) best service and accommodation in all of London. This location is truly unbeatable and has exceptional food, drink and membership into one of the most affluent gaming clubs to exist anywhere on planet earth. Not bad, eh?

So, if you happen to have bags of cash and a particularly prominent sense of pining for a concierge service that can pretty much guarantee you an all access to areas card to foggy old London town. Our recommendation – give the Ritz Club Casino Resort a quick Google search and you’ll be sold.