Online Casino Origins

We are only several decades deep into one of the most pivotally important and wondrous era’s mankind has ever lived through. Though taken for granted by far too many people on a basis far too regular, the online casino digital age is only in its infancy.

While the agricultural age took thousands of years to conclude, the industrial revolution hundreds of years, the digital age will take only a few more decades to reach its apex.

There are very few things you can’t do/access/contribute towards (speaking purely in the context of everyday life of course) on the World Wide Web. In this spirit, it only makes sense that gambling is something people do on an extremely regular basis through the internet.

The first licenses for online gaming as we now know it were issued through the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda in 1994, following the country’s passing of the then ground-breaking ‘Free Trade & Processing Act’.

Though more or less opening the flood gates for those cardigan and spectacle toting 1990’s web geniuses (you know the type…) to jump on this new loophole and begin making millions by way of a fully kosher online casino, it was several years before the first platforms emerged. In fact, Microgaming software (slots etc.) were to appear long before casinos themselves. Heresy!

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